Saving Energy with the Comfort and Control Plan

When you sign up for a Comfort & Control Plan from Direct Energy, you could save up to 20% on your home heating and cooling bills with the Nest Learning Thermostat™. But how does this process work so that Nest is always thinking for you?


Select Your Plan

Direct Energy offers a 24-month and 36-month version of the Comfort & Control Plan. Each option locks in your energy charge for the specified contract term while giving you access to Nest Thermostat technology.

Receive & Install
Your Nest

Nest will mail your Nest Thermostat to your home, complete with installation directions. Three out of four customers install Nest themselves within 30 minutes or less. You can also have a Nest Certified Professional install it for you.

Nest Learns Your Preferences

Change the temperature for a few days and the Nest Thermostat will learn how you use energy. After that, Nest will learn about you and your home to program itself so you don't have to.

Save Your Energy

Since the Nest Thermostat programs itself, it will activate features to save you energy. Just sit back and relax as Nest keeps your home comfortable all day and night while guiding you towards reduced energy use.

Nest, Nest Learning Thermostat™, Nest Leaf, Airwave, Auto-Away, and the Nest logo are trademarks or service marks of Nest Labs, Inc. You must be a single family homeowner to enroll in the Plan. You will receive the Nest Thermostat within 2 weeks of the date you start receiving electricity and/or natural gas service from Direct Energy. The Nest Thermostat is compatible with most HVAC systems. Check the compatibility of your system here before enrolling in the Plan. If you cancel your Plan early, you must pay a device cost recovery fee of $200 per thermostat.