Ontario Customer Letters - Gord Selkirk

We had one of those...you know it is going to happen but you hope you never will experience...OLD furnace finally giving up the ghost/breaking down and the best option was to replace it.

Well we had that experience a month ago (thank goodness just before 'cold' winter season) and were desperate to get it fixed. NOT knowing anything about furnaces, etc. we call for service. It was then recommended to replace old furnace with new 'high efficiency' one (along with our central air). Well, our old one was 'nudged' into working temporarily and within 10 days we had a nice new furnace up and running. Timing delays meant we had to wait another 2 weeks to finish install of the AC but overall everything is up and running in less than a month.

Everything from sales and home energy evaluation through to installation went very very smoothly. The 2 installers did a marvelous job, not only efficient but clean job along with rectifying minor old defects like a running drain pipe (out of the way) along a wall to the sink and nice long term installation of water tubing to humidifier. Also, since our A/C location on the side of our house required replacement because the new one is so big that if left where old one was, we would have lost a tremendous amount of storage space unless installers were patient with us cleaning up the side and they put the new one where we now have more space and access than before.

Overall, including the financial burden (which is less than we thought including rebates) we are very pleased with your service. Steven and Mitchell were our installers, John Fedrigo was our salesman and Eric was our energy advisor.

THANKS for a great job and we look forward to a worry free and energy efficient operation of our heating and cooling system for many years to come.

Gord Selkirk, Kanata, ON