Ontario Customer Letters - LK

RE: Direct Energy Salesperson - Joe Grieco
Attn: Direct Energy Human Resources Manager

Dear Sirs/Ms,

I would like to thank Mr. Grieco for his professionalism in handling my questions before deciding to order my new furnace from Direct Energy.

He was excellent in explaining in layman simple language, how upgrading to my new furnace would be a benefit both in terms of improving the environment in my home but also financially (especially with the rebate and saving power/energy over the long-run). He truly comes across as a Direct Energy employee who believes in and is knowledgeable in what he sells (the pictures in the folder were a good visual help as well).

Joe was polite, friendly and a patient person who made me comfortable in speaking with him and asking him about any concerns I had.

If Mr. Grieco is an example of Direct Energy's future service and dealings with me, I feel reassured that I have made the right decision this week.

LK, Newmarket, ON

TO: Management -Direct Energy Home Services
- Please relay my thanks to your great team of employees! -

Furnace Installation Team

Darren (Installer) and Justin (Helper) were 2 pleasant young men who truly worked well as a team. They knew exactly what task they individually were responsible for and helped one another when needed in this high energy and fast paced job.

Their 'hands on' knowledge of furnace installation was clearly apparent when they were able to overcome some obstacles that were there and they also gave me constructive advice. They really focused on getting the job done properly in a reasonable amount of time.

Their problem-solving skills saved me $200, which really impressed me, they know the ins and outs of furnace installation for sure. They take pride in their work and do it well.

As a plus, they took the time from their busy day to quickly go over things in summary fashion, allowing me to ask questions if I had any. They left the work area clean and left reference material in a handy area near my furnace for easy access. Both were indeed helpful, friendly and hardworking professionals.

Duct Cleaning

Chris (Duct Cleaning Person) was a friendly and polite worker and very knowledgeable in the process of his work. He took great care moving the bulky equipment in awkward areas of my basement.

He did a very efficient job in loosening the dust and dirt in the vents and patiently answered my questions (eg why a camera could not be used...etc.). He clearly explained how the equipment worked (as I had not seen the duct cleaning procedure before.)

I was very satisfied with the professional and thorough duct cleaning done and would chose Chris to repeat the procedure when the need arises again.

Thank you all!

LK, Newmarket, ON