Ontario Customer Letters - Thom Whitby

February 2, 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

I recently had need of a new furnace. After gathering information and various quotes, it was presented to me by a co-worker that I contact your company, an obvious choice that I had somehow overlooked. It is now imperative of me to write you a letter of information in regard to the impressive service that I received from Direct Energy.

From my first contact with Direct Energy via a phone call to your office, Tracey was helpful and dedicated to my need. She presented me with an offer of having a sales rep come by the house, and I agreed.

Kalvin was at my door as arranged by Tracey, and I felt immediate trust from him. His strong but not overbearing personality put me at ease, and we chatted about non-furnace issues to develop and enhance a positive rapport before tackling our business conversation. His knowledge of the product, ability to answer all of my questions, and his suggestions of payment options was perfect. Kalvin impressed me with every aspect of my dealing with him.

I am one of those people who constantly states that I should write a letter about one thing or another, but I have never done so until now. It seems that people are quick enough to launch into negativism at the drop of a hat, but unable to sing praises when required, and your team needs to hear such praises.

Unbelievably, the very day that I met with Kalvin, I signed a contract, and the very next morning my new furnace was installed. As I had no heat, Kalvin was able to fast-track my installation and I still am having trouble comprehending how he got this done in such a timely fashion for me. I am in awe of a company with such compassion and genuine concern for its clients.

The installation team showed the same level of expertise and professionalism that I had already received from Tracey and Kalvin. Not only were they polite, informative and genuine, they offered to replace our water heater (rental), which they did. Obviously enjoying their jobs, I was quite comfortable having Rick and Chris in our home.

In summary, thanks to you and your employees for the top notch, level one service that I received. Moving forward, I will recommend Direct Energy to my network of contacts, friends and family, for all of their needs. Thanks again.


Thom Whitby, Peterborough, ON