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Furnace broken? There's no need to panic - we're never far away in an emergency. We have more than 700 highly-trained technicians who can help get any make or model of heating equipment working again - fast!


Just need a one-time furnace repair? Our technician will perform a diagnostic and safety check of your furnace and give you a fixed-price quote for the job.

from ONLY $99^


Same Day Service Furnace Boilers

For a flat rate1 we’ll get your furnace working again then provide on-going furnace protection. You’ll also enjoy Same Day Service*.



Heating Protection with Maintenance Plan
$23.49/per mth

No matter which option you choose you'll receive:

  • Access to over 700 fully-licensed, expert technicians
  • A comprehensive HomeCare® Report that outlines the health of your equipment
  • Technician call-ahead convenience so you'll know just when to expect us

Payment Options

Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • ask about applying the repair to your gas utility bill

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At Direct Energy, we pride ourselves on providing you with outstanding service.

Same Day Service

We'll be there as fast as the same day to help when you have an equipment breakdown.

Best Advice

All our employees are trained to offer the best advice on products and services that best suit your specific home comfort needs.

HomeCare® Report and Follow Up Email

Full diagnostic report with focus on the age, efficiency and general condition of your heating equipment followed by an email with suggestions on how you can stay comfortable.

Direct Energy can help with Same Day Service.

When your furnace breaks down in the middle of the winter it can be very unsettling. What do you do? Who do you call and how much is it going to cost? The uncertainty can almost feel worse than your cold, uncomfortable home. That’s where Direct Energy can help with Same Day Service.

We understand how important it is to receive a fast response when an unexpected equipment breakdown disrupts your life. So when our Heating Protection Plan customers call us by 5 pm with a broken furnace, we'll be there as fast as the same day to help. As a Protection Plan customer you have just one number to call, you're covered for parts and labour (on applicable parts) and you have no limit to the number of service calls in a year.

We're doing our best to make uncertainty a thing of the past for our Direct Energy customers. Ask your agent for details.

The Best Home Comfort Advice.

From your first call to our customer support centre where your agent will help to find the right product or service for you based on the age of your equipment to when our Service Technician or Energy Management Consultant visits your home and provides a more comprehensive review of the health of your equipment, our employees are trained and committed to providing you with the best home comfort advice.

Diagnostic and Comprehensive Report

Factors such as how your furnace was sized, installed and how it has been maintained over the years greatly affects it's current operation. That's why it's important to have a licensed professional look after your furnace and, just as important, that you understand the health of your equipment.

Whether you require service or maintenance, a Direct Energy licensed technician will do a diagnostic review and will provide you with a comprehensive HomeCare® Report that indicates a poor, fair or good rating for each of the diagnostic checks they perform on your equipment. As a follow up, you will also receive a HomeCare® email that highlights the results of the three key indicators from the report; age, efficiency level and general equipment condition. These indicators will help determine whether you're at risk of a furnace breakdown or potentially spending too much money to operate your equipment. Recommendations will also be provided on what products and services are available from furnace maintenance, protection to replacement to help ensure your comfort this winter.

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