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Power-To-Go® from Direct Energy

Prepaid Electricity with No Deposit and No Credit Check

Sign up for prepaid electricity with Direct Energy and enjoy no deposit and no credit check.

Our Power-To-Go® electricity plans are the premier option in Texas for people who want prepaid electricity. There is no difference in the way you use electricity – just in HOW and WHEN you pay for it.

When you choose a prepaid electricity plan from Direct Energy, you will pay for a specific amount of electricity upfront to activate your account. After that, you just need to pay as often and as much as you'd like – as long as you keep your account balance above zero.

Just follow these simple steps:


Sign up & receive confirmation
Direct Energy Power-To-Go® & receive enrollment confirmation email or SMS text.


Make your payment
Make your payment immediately after receiving your payment number to activate your account.


Service starts
Electricity service from Direct Energy Power-To-Go® starts.


Get reminders
Get reminders via text or email to add money to your account.

Why should I choose a Direct Energy Power-To-Go® prepaid electricity plan?

We feel that it's a simple decision based upon these factors:

  • No Deposit Required

    There is no deposit required when you sign up for a Direct Energy Power-To-Go® electricity plan. Simply pre-pay for your electricity upfront – as much as you want and when you want to pay – and then continue to make payments on your terms, as long as your account balance remains above zero.

  • No Credit Check

    We will not process a credit check when you sign up for prepaid electricity with Direct Energy.

  • No Contract

    With Direct Energy Power-To-Go®, there is no contract term and no commitment to receive great prepaid electricity.

  • No Monthly Billing

    Direct Energy Power-To-Go® allows you to pay for your prepaid electricity when it's convenient for you. We won't send you a monthly electricity bills. Instead, we send you periodic e-mails and text messages when your electricity account is low.

  • Manage Your Electricity Usage

    Instead of receiving an electricity bill each month, you'll get periodic text messages or emails that allow you to see how much electricity you are using on a regular basis and how much electricity you have left in your account. This will allow you to better manage your usage and costs on your terms.

  • Affordable Electricity Rates

    With the Direct Energy Power-To-Go®, we provide you competitive, low cost rates for your prepaid electricity from an electricity provider you can trust.

  • Simple Payment Options

    There are numerous payment methods available for our customers, whether you want to pay cash or credit card. Visit one of our convenient authorized in-person payment stations to pay with cash.

    Call 1-877-866-6601 or log into your Online Account Manager to make a one-time payment with credit card. After your payment is made, Direct Energy will provide you with a confirmation number that you can use to ensure that your account is credited with your payment.

Direct Energy Power-To-Go® is available in the following Texas Cities:

  • Oncor service area – Dallas, Fort Worth, Midland, Waco, and more.
  • CenterPoint Energy service area – the greater Houston area.

How it Works

With prepaid electricity from Direct Energy Power-To-Go®, you eliminate the regular electricity bill you typically receive each month; instead, we send you daily notifications of your current account usage and remaining account balance.

  • What You Will Need
  • You are required to have an Advanced Meter (also known as an AMS Smart Meter) at your service address in order to sign up for a Direct Energy Power-To-Go® prepaid electricity plan.

    A Smart Meter reads your electricity usage with greater detail and accuracy than a conventional meter. The Smart Meter communicates your usage information to the utility company for your area via radio frequency. This monitoring and billing process is called telemetry, and it makes sure that your meter does not need to physically be read by a technician.

    In addition, you must be able to receive an email or a text message alerting you to add money to your account so that you know when your account is running low of electricity.

  • Electricity Updates for Your Account
  • As you use electricity, the amount of prepaid electricity in your account balance decreases. When you have about 3-7 days of prepaid electricity left, we'll send you a text message or an email.

    We will continue to remind you of your account balance until you make a payment and add money to your account.

  • Make a Payment
  • Make a payment at one of our authorized payment centers. Pay online or by phone 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can pay how you want and when you want!

    Check our locations & hours

Pay for what you need when you need it.

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Direct Energy Online Account Manager gives you the convenience of paying your bill online, viewing your payment history, and managing your account in one easy step.


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