4 Cool Activities to Help Your Kids Beat the Summer Heat

School is out, the days are getting longer, temperatures are in the high double digits (and rising), and all the kids want to do is sit inside in the comfort of the air conditioner. With a little ingenuity and creativity, we’ve come up with 4 cool activities that will have your kids begging to playing outside this summer.

4 Cool Activities to Help Your Kids Beat the Summer Heat Frozen shirt 2Frozen shirt 3

1) Frozen T-Shirt Contest – The objective of the contest is simple: be the first person to unfold the frozen t-shirt and successfully fit your head and arms into it. To prepare for the event, the night before soak each t-shirt in approximately 2 cups of water and then wring it out. Then nicely fold each shirt into a square that will fit into a gallon-size freezer bag. Once your have folded it, press down on the shirt to remove any excess water and air from the bag. Then tightly seal each bag, place it in the freezer so each bag is lying flat, and freeze the t-shirt overnight or longer. Right before the contest, remove the shirts from the freezer and explain to the participants that they can use anything in the yard to thaw the shirt: dipping it in the pool, laying it out on the sun, thrashing it against a tree, whatever works.  The first person to slip on their shirt is the winner.

4 Cool Activities to Help Your Kids Beat the Summer Heat
Water Balloons!

2) Host a Water War – Get ready to get wet! Whether you’re squirting water guns, using the hose, or throwing water balloons, soaking your friends head to toe never gets old. Even if you don’t have balloons or water guns, you can improvise using household items by using bucket, spray bottles, or rinsed-out dish detergent bottles that squeeze.

4 Cool Activities to Help Your Kids Beat the Summer Heat

3) Sponge Relay – Divide the kids into two teams and line them up behind the starting line. Give each team an empty bucket with a sponge. At the finish line, place two buckets filled with ice cold water. Instruct them to transfer water from one bucket to the other using only a sponge. Tell the kids that when you say, “Go,” the first person in line will dunk the sponge in the water, trying to absorb as much water as possible, then run back with it and wring the water from the sponge into the empty bucket. Then the next person in line picks up the sponge, dips it in the bucket, and repeats the relay. The first team to fill up the empty bucket with water wins.

4 Cool Activities to Help Your Kids Beat the Summer Heat

4) Water Hose Limbo – Put on some tunes, grab the hose, and challenge the kids to a game of Water Limbo. Turn on the tap and place your thumb over the spout to get a strong, straight, and steady stream of water. Then it’s time to shimmy! After everyone takes a turn, lower the hose and repeat. The winner is the person who passes successfully under the lowest stream without getting wet (or getting the least wet).

Make the sweltering summer days keeping you inside a thing of the past with these aquatic activities. Lastly,  be sure everyone is in their swimsuits with plenty of sunscreen slathered on for protection – because even if you’re staying wet with these cool activities, there’s plenty of sun shining.

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