6 thoughts on “Check Your Inbox! You Might Want to Read that E-mail from Direct Energy!

  1. Direct energy and center point are whomever needs to relay information to customer so we as customers can decided if we their service. I was told that a one time delivery charge to center point and now I have been charge another outrage fee and was told this will happen each and every month. This fee was decided in November from what the rep told me..I am pissed because this was not told to me when I signed up. Do we as customer have 50 to 70 dollars a month yo give to center point. I am outrage st this decision. Yvonne grant I have been a direct customer for more than 2 years and this is what I get. . well it stinks

  2. Hello there, Yvonne. I’m sorry to hear about this unfortunate situation. If you could please visit our social media team at http://www.facebook.com/directenergy and provide your account number, a friendly representative will be able to assist you with understanding this and all charges. Please understand that Direct Energy and CenterPoint typically do not coordinate their communication, as CenterPoint is the utility company for your area, while Direct Energy is your retail electricity provider. We do appreciate that you’ve been our customer for over 2 years, so we want to resolve your concerns.

    1. Good morning, Rita. At this time, Direct Energy does not have a “budget” or “balanced billing” type plan. We do offer a range of plan options in most states, including a range of fixed-rate plans across a variety of term lengths.

  3. I was a direct energy customer for a couple years. I would not recommend this company to anyone. When the contract ran out they sent a notice that if we did nothing they would renew it. The detail they sort of gloss over is that they renew it with a plan that doubled my gas bill. When I contacted their customer service they told me it was my fault for letting them renew it and that they could give me a better deal but it would take two months for the reduced price to kick in. I asked why they would they not automatically renew an existing customer with their best rate and representative went back on his rant that it was my fault. I told him I would rather not do business with a company that treats their customers this way and he went back on his rant that it was my fault. I told him I would rather give my business to any other provider than direct energy and did! If this company offered me free gas I wouldn’t trust them!

    1. Good morning, Mark. I am sorry to hear you had such a negative experience with Direct Energy and our Customer Care team. While I cannot speak to your situation directly, electricity companies like Direct Energy cannot renew customers automatically to a new fixed-rate plan when their old one expires. When a fixed-rate plan expires and you haven’t selected a new plan, you are typically moved to a variable-rate plan. If you rolled to a variable-rate plan when your fixed-rate plan expired and then selected a new fixed-rate plan, it can take a couple of billing cycles for that new rate to go into effect.

      Again, I do apologize for the frustrations you have with our company, though we do welcome the opportunity to get it right the next time.

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