Direct Energy’s Pinterest Survival Guide to a Smooth Back to School Experience

Direct Energy’s Pinterest Survival Guide to a Smooth Back to School Experience

Direct Energy’s Pinterest Survival Guide to a Smooth Back to School ExperienceIt’s that time of year again, where summer is ending and the kids are going back to school. Whether you’re busy trying to fix their sleeping schedule or check off everything on your back to school shopping list, this time of year can be a bit crazy. That’s why we’ve gathered these pins on our Back To School board to help you plan for everything from lunch to homework to gift ideas for teachers!

  • Planning the kiddo’s lunch can be a headache. You make something healthy and they bring it back home. You make something more to their taste, and they come home with a sugar rush. That’s why we’ve found these healthy and creative lunch box ideas that both you and your kids will love!
  • Homework time is probably everyone’s least favorite time. Getting the kids settled and focused on their homework can be next to impossible. But the first step to success is organization, and that’s why we’ve found this DIY Back to School Homework Caddy. Gather all the empty pasta and cereal boxes in your home and colorful duct tape, and have your kids make their own homework caddy in minutes!
  • Who said gifts were only for the end of the year? Wow your kid’s teachers with this back to school teacher appreciation gift. It even comes with a free printable gift tags, making it that much easier for you!
  • Take control of those creative homework assignments your kids bring home with this great back to school hack! Pour paint into empty Ketchup bottles, and you no longer have to worry about messy paint spills on your favorite rug. Your kids will also love squeezing out the paint, so homework time will be that much more enjoyable.
  • If your kiddos are homeschooled, then you may be feeling left out from all the school supply lists you see in your neighborhood store. Don’t worry, there’s a shopping list for you too! This Back to Homeschool Shopping List gives you all the items and tips you will need for your entire homeschool year. So take out the credit card and the kids and go shopping!

As crazy as the back to school season is, we hope these ideas and life hacks will help with the transition. For more Back to School ideas, make sure to check out our Pinterest board!

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