Direct Energy Prepares for Easter on Pinterest!

We can’t believe it’s time for Easter already! We know the Easter Bunny is ready to visit each home this year, but are you ready for the holiday? Here’s a few ways you can get a little festive in your home:

Have this front door bunny decoration made before your kids get home! They’ll love it and you will too! It’s inexpensive and you can do it yourself.

Spruce up your dining room table by making some festive centerpieces. This Pinterest DIY uses an old flower vase, jelly beans, peeps and flowers. DE-Pin-Roundup-April

Ever stunned when you go to a restaurant and they have the napkins specially folded? Learn how to fold your napkin in to a bunny and impress all of your guests!

After the annual Easter egg hunt, whip up these bunny rabbit pancakes for the family breakfast. Add some strawberries, whip cream, chocolate and banana’s to make the bunny come to life and add some flavor.

Your kids will love these Easter Carrot Rice Krispie Treats! Cut each treat in half, then cut them diagonally. Insert a toothpick in the treat, and microwave orange candy melts. Insert edible Easter grass to finish them off!

We hope everyone has a wonderful time with family and friends this Easter. Need more ideas? Visit our Holiday Ideas Pinterest Board and may the Easter Bunny bring you lots of delicious treats!


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