Ring in the New Year with Reduce Your Use Rewards

We all create a fresh batch of New Year’s Resolutions each January, but too many of us never achieve those lofty goals, no matter how hard we try. Well, things are going to be different for you this y ear! Why? Because Direct Energy is going to help! When you enroll in our Reduce Your Use Rewards program to start 2015, you have the chance to receive 5% bill discount when you use less electricity in your home.

That’s right: we’re giving you the chance to fulfill that pesky “Save Money” or “Use Money Wisely” resolution you seem to set for yourself each year (to no avail). All you have to do is lower your usage when the Texas electricity grid needs it most (we call them “Emergency Events”), and we’ll give you that discount within 1-2 billing cycles.

And it’s easier than you think to start saving:

  • During the hottest and coldest times of the year, people use even more energy than usual to heat or cool their homes, and this increased energy usage decreases the amount of energy on the Texas electricity grid to unsafe low levels. This is what we call an “Emergency Event.”
  • If an “Emergency Event” is scheduled to occur, Direct Energy will contact you in advance so that you can make plans to start lowering your energy usage. These notifications will be sent to you via text message and/or e-mail (depending upon the notification preferences you choose). We’ll also provide tips to help you use less energy.
  • On the day of the “Emergency Event,” you must reduce your home energy usage between the hours of 1pm-7pm on summer days and between 6am-9am and 6-pm-8pm on winter days.
  • If we determine that you lowered your energy usage to appropriate levels (compared to the calculated baseline usage for your service address), your 5% bill discount will be seen on your next bill.

It really is that easy to start saving money in 2015! When you reduce your electricity use when Texas needs it most, your bill will be lower because you used less energy and because of the discount.

Ready to sign up for Direct Energy Reduce Your Use Rewards to take care of that New Year’s Resolution? Just log into your Online Account Manager, click the “Reduce Your Rewards” link in the “Special Offers” icon at the top of the screen, and follow the directions. Be sure to tell us how you want to be contact about an “Emergency Event” so you can take full advantage of this program.

Happy New Year from Direct Energy!

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