Direct Energy Gets Ready for Thanksgiving on Pinterest!

Direct Energy Gets Ready for Thanksgiving on Pinterest!November is a special month here at Direct Energy, and it’s mainly because Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays! Who doesn’t love a holiday revolved around consuming massive amounts of food and getting some time off to spend with family and friends? We’ve been preparing all month over on our Pinterest Thanksgiving Board with recipe ideas, stress-relieving tips, and decorating concepts! Check out November’s most popular pins:

  1. Set the scene this Thanksgiving by adding a few decorations to the dining room table. Whip out the reusable napkins to class it up and be eco-friendly! Throw in a few candles, name cards, and tiny pumpkins, which you can find as low as $0.50 at your local grocery store. Go all out!
  2. Let’s be honest. The turkey is the single most important part of Thanksgiving. Securing the tasty turkey everyone is looking forward to is a lot of pressure & could bring you a little stress. Use these tips for a stress-free day mainly by preparing almost everything in advance.
  3. A salad is a great way to add some greens to the table without taking up space in the oven! Usually, the oven is preoccupied with the bird, so this alternative clears up some room for everything else you need to bake. This particular salad combines feta, walnuts, and apples for a nice seasonal mix!
  4. The Thanksgiving meal isn’t complete without cranberry sauce. If you’re like me, you like a little taste with every bite. Here’s a slow cooker cranberry sauce recipe with fresh berries, ginger, and sugar!
  5. A very popular Thanksgiving dish that people look forward to year ’round is the stuffing (or “dressing,” depending on where you’re from). Does anyone actually eat stuffing on any other day than Thanksgiving? Blow your guests away with this Paula Dean Southern cornbread stuffing.
  6. Quite possibly the second-most important component to the Thanksgiving meal is gravy because it ends up all over your plate, poured all over everything. You’ll love this Martha Stewart recipe.

We hope all of our family, friends, and fans have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy every minute of it – especially the food. Because calories don’t count on Thanksgiving, right? And please, remember to share your favorite Thanksgiving recipes or tips in the comments!

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