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8 Apps to Make Your Life Easier

The grind of another school year is about to begin again and your schedule — which was already busy this summer — is once again about to go into overdrive. Before things get too hectic, you need a plan in place, and a little digital help doesn’t hurt. Before the blitz of another school year begins again, use these apps to get and stay organized, no matter what your schedule throws at you.

1. 24me

We’ve all been there. The worst part of being busy is trying to remember everything. Enter 24me. This app acts as your own personal assistant by auto-generating reminders so you can keep track of family events and remember to pay those bills on time. 24me consolidates your calendar, your notes and to-do lists into one easy location, so you’re never flipping back and forth again. It even synchronizes with other apps — like Facebook — to expand your communication options and keep everyone in the loop.

8 Apps to Make Your Life Easier | Direct Energy

2. Wunderlist

If you’re a list-driven person, Wunderlist will become your new best friend. Whether you use it for work, play or parenting, Wunderlist makes it easy to create customized to-do lists that you can share with anyone you want, and even swap comments within the list.

3. Google Now

The power of Google in the palm of your hand. Google Now is another personal assistant app that uses cards to organize your essential information without the search. Cards can be created for daily events like weather, traffic or sports scores. You can also create special cards for parties or your current favorite websites. If you need something — or everything — in your life to be organized, Google Now can do it.

4. Trello

At work or at home, Trello is your to-do list in a visually appealing format. Create lists and boards as you need them and use the app to share the lists with any other errand runners. Trello can be as customized as needed, allowing you to set different settings, colors and arrangements for projects within the app. Embrace your options and organize on your terms.

5. Speaktoit

You’ve seen the movies where an important executive asks their personal assistant to come in and jot a note as they speak. Consider Speaktoit your personal assistant for such a task. Use the app and say what you want recorded or what you’re looking for, and Speaktoit handles the rest without your having to type a single letter. In addition to dictation, you can also use Speaktoit to surf the web, send a text or place a phone call and the app will even answer your questions. Simply utter your direction and Speaktoit will respond.

8 Apps to Make Your Life Easier | Direct Energy

6. Any.Do

Start your day on the right foot with Any.Do. This app allows you to place common tasks in one location, where they can by accessed by myriad devices. Chart your day with strategic location-based or time-based reminders, and you won’t miss an appointment no matter what unplanned events the rest of the day holds.

7. Mint

Mint allows you to avoid those often-painful financial surprises by storing your bank information and giving you an up-to-date visual of your financial situation whenever you need it. Set your budget limits — and add any goals you may have — and Mint’s automated system will deliver your results in an easy-to-read, color-coded fashion. You can also use it to record property or investment information, and with Mint’s bank-grade security, you can rest assured that your information is safe. The tool is free to download, so consider adding it as the first in a series of financially savvy decisions this app will help you make.

8. UpTo

Organizing your calendar is one thing, but getting it to synchronize with everyone else’s calendar is something completely different. Enter UpTo, which allows you to add events and occurrences from other calendars to your own. Merge yours with calendars from other family members or those in your parenting groups to make sure that no one misses an appointment. You can even add schedules for your favorite show or sports team in case your newfound organizational aptitude provides you with a little extra free time.

Technology can help relieve some of the stress you feel planning your day-to-day obligations. The right app at the right moment can be all the support you need to be ahead of the game – and in the midst of another busy school year, who could say no to that?

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