What the Free Power Saturdays Plans Mean for You

DE-PiggyWhen homeowners, schools, institutions, city offices, businesses, and industries all want to use lots of electricity at the same time (like air conditioning in July), then wholesale electricity prices rise because the cost to generate and transmit all that electricity reliably at the same time increases. Those higher, peak-demand prices get passed onto the consumer.

But what if you had an electricity plan that let’s you beat those higher wholesale market prices by shifting your family’s energy-hungry tasks to a time when the market demand is low? What about a time when most office buildings, industries, schools or other institutions are also closed. That’s when the price of electricity would be lowest, right?

Sounds like Saturday to me.

If you take all your high-energy use chores – such as washing and drying clothes, baking, house cleaning, and other home maintenance jobs – and shift those job on Saturday when electrical demand tends to be lowest, then you can lower your energy bill. How much can you save? If you add up the energy consumption of your average cleaning appliances:

  • Washer = 400 watts
  • Dryer = 3,000 watts
  • Water Heater = 3,000 watts
  • Vacuum Cleaner = 1,500 watts
  • Dishwasher = 2,000 watts

And if you use all these for just an hour, that’s 9.9kWh. If we assume a ¢10/kWh, that adds up to ¢99 for one hour of energy use. Over a month of Saturdays, it’s up to $3.96; $47.52 for the year (not including transmission costs or taxes). Plus, there’s the cost of your other appliances like your refrigerator and your air conditioning and your stove and your electronic gadgets? Even if you’re an average Texas consumer using 1,168 KWh/month, a typical Saturday bill could be $5.00, or $20 for a month of Saturdays – for only ONE HOUR of usage.

But what if Saturdays were FREE?

Just by shifting your family’s cleaning chores to Saturday, you take care of those high energy consumption tasks for free plus save money off your electric bill —and even more during the summer months when you’re running the air conditioner. Remember, too, that the whole community benefits because consumers who postpone their heavy-energy use until the weekend help reduce the overall higher work-week demand. Waiting for the weekend can help prevent the threat of rolling blackouts during the week – since those inconvenience everyone.

Right now, Direct Energy is offering both month-to-month and fixed-rate Free Power Saturday plans. The fixed-rate plans give you the convenience of knowing what to expect from your electric bill for the next 12 or even 24 months. The month-to-month plans work best for consumers who prefer not to make a commitment.

So get 24 hours of free electricity each Saturday when you sign up. You can even save more by choosing a paper-less E-plan. All you need is an AMS Smart Meter installed at your home and you can enjoy low rates and free electricity!

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