Get Lucky with Direct Energy and Earn a $25 Visa Gift Card

Get Lucky with Direct Energy and Earn a $25 Visa Gift Card**Cue the infectious melody from Daft Punk that was a summertime jam in 2013**

According to legend, leprechauns tended to be rather stingy with their gold. They hid their pots of gold at the end of a rainbow, and if you captured them, they gave you three wishes – and not the actual gold. It’s not the best relationship (or return on your investment).

Well, this St. Patrick’s Day, Direct Energy decided to subvert that system and do so to your benefit. With our “Get Lucky” promotion, we’re happily giving out a $25 Visa gift card to all eligible new customers.

And just how will you enjoy this bit of luck? Well, your state of residence determines which plans are eligible:

  • Texas customers should sign up for either our Price Advantage 12 or Price Advantage 24 plan
  • Pennsylvania residents need to select the Price Advantage 24
  • Folks in New York should choose the Price Advantage 18 plan

If you join Direct Energy with the correct plan for the appropriate state between March 10th through March 17th, 2014, we’ll send you that $25 Visa gift card 4-6 weeks after you are accepted as a Direct Energy customer!

Only Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York residents can take advantage of the “Get Lucky” promotion, and it also does not apply to customers enrolling in a prepaid plan.Get Lucky with Direct Energy and Earn a $25 Visa Gift Card

So, feel free to ignore the leprechauns in your world this St. Patrick’s Day and choose to “Get Lucky” with a $25 Visa gift card from Direct Energy instead.

Besides, you’ll have more fun hanging out with musicians in shiny helmets are instead of cranky bearded gingers in green suits.

Daft Punk image courtesy of GQ.

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