The Most Popular Pins of Summer 2014

The Most Popular Pins of Summer 2014It’s been a crazy summer at Direct Energy. With the launch of many exciting products and promotions such as #MovingDoneEasy, the Direct To You 400 offer, and our Smart Thermostat products, we’ve been busy to say the least. There’s about month and a half until the official end of summer, so we hope you soak up the warm weather, the kids being home from school and the spirit of summer.

Whether you’re looking for Moving Tips, Labor Day decorating ideas, or end of the summer recipes, you’ll find it all on our Pinterest Page. To get started, here are our most popular pins of the summer:

  • Memorial Day through Labor Day is officially known as “move season.” To help your move go as smoothly as possible, we create a moving timeline infographic to serve as your moving checklist.
  • We hope all of our fans had a wonderful Fourth of July, and we bet you were able to get a little patriotic. This recipe idea can be used again just around the corner this Labor Day! The best part is, it’s pretty healthy.
  • It’s summertime, so the weather is…. hot. But, we do hope you’ve been able to spend some time outside! Hopefully you can seek refuge from the heat in a nice shaded patio.
  • It’s fun to see how far we’ve come in the world of technology. That’s why we like to Throwback Thursday to times when computer hard drives weighed over a ton and had only 5 MB of storage.
  • These bacon-avocado griddle pizzas are a perfect summer snack that you can cook while you’re camping! Just have the pre-made crust on hand, and add whatever topping you like.

What have been some of your favorite pins during Summer 2014? Follow us on Pinterest and share what you enjoy!

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