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Get Energy Savvy with Reduce Your Use Insights from Direct Energy!

Earlier this summer, we launched a fantastic program in your Online Account Manager we think you’ll love: Reduce Your Use Insights, our free online energy efficiency audit. The idea of offering such a helpful tool was birthed out of feedback we received from thousands of customers just like you – specifically, many of your requested tools to help better manage home energy consumption.

Get Energy Savvy with Reduce Your Use Insights from Direct Energy!

Energy efficiency is a top priority for so many people as it enables you to conserve energy and hopefully reduce your energy costs. Our Reduce Your Use Insights tool consists of fewer than thirty questions you answer dynamically by clicking through a series of pictures, and you can finish the audit online in less than 10 minutes. This is drastically different than the majority of energy efficiency audits currently available in the market.

Traditionally, an energy efficiency audit takes much more time, involves an in-person home inspection, and costs money. With Reduce Your Use Insights, you can reap the benefits of having an online home energy efficiency checkup without the hassle of booking appointments, being inconvenienced at home, and paying fees.

Get Energy Savvy with Reduce Your Use Insights from Direct Energy!

By answering a few multiple-choice questions about your home’s structure, heating and cooling systems, appliances, and energy usage patterns, you will receive an energy efficiency score as well as a dollar estimate of the three-year energy savings potential you can achieve by making your home as efficient as possible.

Following the survey, you will receive a customized action plan to begin realizing those savings. The customized action plan features an energy saving checklist that includes energy saving tips, any applicable energy efficiency rebates by region, and relevant Direct Energy products and services that can further increase your savings.

Get Energy Savvy with Reduce Your Use Insights from Direct Energy!

Ready to improve the energy efficiency of your home with Reduce Your Use Insights? Log into your Online Account Manager today, hover over the Usage and Insights icon at the top of the screen, and click the link marked “Free Energy Audit.”

Along with Direct Your Energy, Reduce Your Use Insights has become an important initiative in our efforts to help you buy less of what we sell so you can live brighter.

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