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What is the Right Temperature for My Heater in Winter? [Infographic]

Sure, you want to keep your home warm and comfy when cold winter weather arrives, but you certainly don’t enjoy paying the higher energy bills that come from running your furnace more often. Well, Direct Energy is here to help with an infographic that helps you determine the right temperature setting for your home’s furnace in the winter.

Spoiler Alert!

  • Set it at 70 °F (21.1 °C) during the day when people are at home; and
  • Set it at 68 °F (20 °C) at night or when people aren’t at home.

[Infographic] What's the right temperature for your heater in winter? Find the best thermostat setting to manage your energy bills.

To learn more about ways your can take care of your home in the winter (and all year long, please visit the Direct Energy Learning Center!

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