Your Direct Energy Smart Shopping Guide For March 2016

Your Direct Energy Smart Shopping Guide for March 2016

Throughout 2016, we’re bringing you a monthly series called the Smart Shopping Guide to help you save money all year long. In addition to the deals, we will also highlight items that aren’t priced to sell. Our information is gathered from sites like DealNews and DailyFinance, folks who scour the retail world to find the best and worst deals. We want to help you become a smart shopper!

Your Direct Energy Smart Shopping Guide For March 2016

March is here, so spring is near. Whether you’re getting ready for a spring break vacation or staying home, the desire for some spring shopping has arrived. Rather than letting spring fever conquer your psyche and your checkbook, use this month’s shopping guide to help you make the best shopping decisions.

Good Buy: Valentine’s Day Chocolate

With Valentine’s Day over and Easter just around the corner, any remaining Valentine’s Day chocolates are heavily discounted this month to make way for Easter inventory. Chocolate lovers should be on the lookout for anything in a red wrapper or in the shape of a heart because it will be priced to sell.

Bad Buy: Lingerie

Lingerie and chocolate are two very popular purchases around Valentine’s Day. So, you think lingerie would be discounted just like chocolate, but it’s just not the case. The only real time lingerie is on sale is when Victoria Secret runs its famous semi-annual sale in June or July. Most lingerie retailers follow suit and discount their inventory to match.

Good Buy: Winter Sporting Gear and Apparel

Your Direct Energy Smart Shopping Guide For March 2016
Yes, we’re telling you to buy winter clothes in March when you won’t be able to wear them for the next 7 months. It’s still a good idea.

The snow season is basically over at this time, so most stores sporting goods stores discounting winter sporting gear and apparel now to make room for summer items. So, if you are hitting the slopes for one more run this Spring Break, you can upgrade your winter gear on the cheap.

Bad Buy: Spring Apparel

Even though spring is around the corner, this is still not the time to purchase apparel. In fact, stores are mainly discounting winter gear and apparel to make room for that new spring and summer wear. Hold off on purchasing any spring clothing until summer is closer, as stores will begin offering larger discounts on spring apparel.

Good Buy: Luggage

Your Direct Energy Smart Shopping Guide For March 2016
Now is the time to replace all of those busted trunks and suitcases your family has been using and abusing for far too long.

Whether you are heading off on a Spring Break trip or looking to replace your bags before summer vacation, March is a great time to upgrade your luggage. New products typically come out in May, so retailers are discounting their current inventory to make room. We recommend checking major chain stores for the best deals.

Good Buy: Frozen Foods

March is National Frozen Food Month (Who knew that was a thing?), which means it’s time to stock up on all sorts of cold eats! Keep an eye out for coupons and promotions at your favorite grocery store(s) to take advantage of deals and meal planning. Items like frozen veggies can last quite a while in the freezer, so you can buy them for cheap now and spice up your meals later.

Stay tuned in April for the next installment of our Smart Shopping Guide. Keep saving!

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