Texas! Get Ready for a Week of High Temperatures and Possible Peak Event

Texas! Get Ready for a Week of High Temperatures and a Peak Event

According to the predictions released by outlets like The Weather Channel and Weather Underground, Texas and much of the southern United States will face continued triple-digit temperatures Monday throughout the upcoming week. And when you include the humidity and other factors, it’s going to feel like it’s nearly 110 degrees in some parts of our state for a few days.

Because of this forecast, Direct Energy is calling a Peak Event tomorrow for our Texas electricity customers. In fact, ERCOT already set new records for hourly Peak Demand usage a couple of days last week.

What does this Peak Event mean for you? By lowering the amount of electricity you use in your home, you’re doing your part as a good Texan to reduce the stress placed upon the energy grid most of the state uses.

  • Take the 78 Degree Challenge! Raise your thermostat to 78 degrees  – or higher if you’re feeling extra generous.
  • Texas! Get Ready for a Week of High Temperatures and Possible Peak EventUse fans to circulate the air. Breezes help cool you down, even when your AC is turned up.
  • Unplug anything and everything that isn’t crucial. You know – chargers, electronics, game systems, the printer in your home office. Stuff like that.
  • Take a break from your chores. Don’t run your washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, oven, or anything that generates a lot of heat. We give you permission to save that stuff until the sun starts setting.
  • Close your blinds and shutters. As in, do anything you can to prevent sunlight from getting in the house so you can keep the temperature from rising.

Texas! Get Ready for a Week of High Temperatures and Possible Peak EventTo encourage people to use less when the Texas energy grid needs the most help, we created the Reduce Your Use Rewards program. If you’re already enrolled, you’ll need to reduce your electricity use by 10% (or more) compared to your baseline average in order to earn the 5% bill credit. And if you’re not enrolled, head over to Direct Energy.com/Reduce-Your-Use-Rewards now to learn more about the program and then enroll!

Stay tuned to the Direct Energy Blog tomorrow for a range of tips, suggestions, and recommendations to help you and your family keep cool while using less energy around the home.

It’s just our way of helping you use less of what we sell.

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