Top 10 Places to Use Your Student ID to Save

Top 10 Places to Use Your Student ID to Save

Top 10 Places to Use Your Student ID to SaveWhether you’re a freshman going out into the world for the first time, or a returning senior not ready to leave the college life behind, college can be an exciting yet expensive time. With rising tuition costs, $100 textbooks, and unappetizing school meals, being a college student can often put a financial strain on your wallet. That’s why we’ve come up with the top 10 places to use your student ID to receive discounts and sometimes even free things!

  1. Chipotle – Show your student ID at participating Chipotle restaurants and receive a free small drink. Now you can get the extra guacamole!
  2. Apple – A laptop is almost a necessity for college students nowadays. Stop by an Apple store with your student ID to get $200 off a new MacBook or $50 of an iPad.
  3. RadioShack – Whether you need a new phone charger or headphones to help you study, stop by RadioShack with your student ID to get 10% off your purchase!
  4. Banana Republic – If you’re in need of professional clothes for your new internship, worry not! At Banana Republic, you get 20% off all full-price items when you show your student ID.
  5. Kroger’s – Your groceries no longer have to consist of packaged Ramen noodles. Show your ID at Kroger’s to get 5% off your entire purchase!
  6. Regal Theaters – If you need a study break, stop by a Regal Theatres Sunday through Thursday evenings with your student ID to get $1.50 off your movie ticket!
  7. Subway – Forgot to make dinner? No worries! Stop by Subway to earn 10% off your order when you show your student ID.
  8. FedEx – Printing your essays just got easier. Show your student ID at FedEx for 30% off documents and 20% off on shipping services.
  9. Waffle House – Breakfast just got better! Present your ID at Waffle House to receive 10% off your entire purchase!
  10. Greyhound – Need to go home, but don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a plane ticket? Get a Student Advantage Discount Card from Greyhound to earn 20% on Greyhound fares.

Being a college student can be hard, but it does come with some perks! The next time you’re shopping for electronics, food, clothes, or anything really, ask if they offer any discounts to students. And it helps if you carry your student ID with you at all times!

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