Upgrade Your Tailgate! Part 2 – A Family-Friendly Tailgate

Upgrade Your Tailgate! Part 2 – A Family-Friendly Tailgate

When I think of football, my mind immediately goes to fond memories of attending tailgate parties in high school, college, and beyond. Now that football season is in full swing, it means tailgating parties are too. If you are hosting an upcoming tailgate party for your favorite team, it’s time to think outside the box. With our Upgrade Your Tailgate! series, we’ll help you diversify the types and styles of parties you can throw as you root your team on to victory!

Upgrade Your Tailgate! Part 2 – A Family-Friendly Tailgate
Football – Fun for the Whole Family!

With this second installment, we want to focus on the family-friendly side of tailgating. Going to a football game makes for a great family outing. Between the game, cheerleaders, and halftime show. there is enough entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. However, just because you have the whole family in tow doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the tailgating experience. With these family-friendly ideas, you can host your own tailgate party that’s fun for the grownups AND kids!

Upgrade Your Tailgate! Part 2 – A Family-Friendly Tailgate
Seriously – chicken fingers and chicken nuggets will please nearly EVERY palate at your tailgate.

Kid-Friendly Food. Most kids are happy as long as they are fed – and happy kids means happy parents. So for everyone’s sake, provide some kid-friendly foods at your tailgate. My favorite easy and kid-approved option is a big tray of Chick-fil-a nuggets. And let’s be honest – not only do kids love them, parents do too. Also some snack things like Goldfish, pretzels, and fruit are great to have as well.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks. While beer is a must at tailgates, don’t forget about the little tailgaters too. Pack a separate “non-alcoholic” cooler filled with little water bottles and juice boxes – be sure to label it “Kids” to prevent any confusion.

Chairs. Chairs are key for kids to enjoy a tailgate. As any parent knows, once a child decides his feet are tired, he’ll continue to let you know, repeatedly, until you stop what you are doing and help him find a seat. Providing multiple chairs for kids to sit eliminates that potential situation.

Upgrade Your Tailgate! Part 2 – A Family-Friendly Tailgate
Go for a classic kids’ activity – blowing bubbles!

Kid-Friendly Activities. While it’s no problem for adults to sit around and talk or watch football games, most kids need an something besides the game to keep them entertained. Cornhole can be the perfect game to set up at a tailgate because it’s both kid and adult-friendly. Not to mention, if you don’t have a cornhole set, they are easy to order or make yourself. And the instructions are easy for everyone – opponents toss bean bags towards a platform to see how many they can get in or around the hole located in the center of the platform.

Up Next: We discuss ideas on how to tailgate on a budget in Part 3.

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