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    • Why does the utility company allow me to switch to Direct Energy?

      After deregulation, state commissions no longer allowed utilities to profit from supplying natural gas and electricity to you. Utilities can, though, make a profit on the distribution portion of your commodities. , your decision to choose a third-party supplier doesn't affect your utility's finances. You can see both your supply charges and your distribution charges as line items on your monthly bill.

      Most utility companies offer programs to educate customers about deregulation and energy choice. In fact, a competitive marketplace fosters enhanced services and price benefits, since retail energy suppliers can offer pricing packages that utility companies...

    • What if I want to cancel this contract after completing the verification process?

      You can end your new Direct Energy contract without cost or payment within 10 calendar days after the verification process has been completed. After that date, you may end this contract with NO EXIT FEES on any annual anniversary date of your...

    • Are there any fees required to sign up with Direct Energy?

      There are no enrollment fees to choose us as your electricity and/or natural gas...

    • How do I sign up with Direct Energy?

      Enrolling for service with Direct Energy is simple, and you can do it over the phone or via the web, depending upon your location in our service area. There will be no service interruptions, no hassles, and in most areas of North America, you'll receive the same monthly bill as always from your local utility...

  • General Questions

    • If I switch electricity suppliers, will my reliability be affected?

      By law, the local utility company is not allowed to provide different care levels to customers who have chosen an alternate supplier. You will continue to receive the same level of delivery quality, emergency response, and meter reading from your current utility. Your utility company will not change, just the supplier of your electricity and/or natural...

    • What is the difference between Direct Energy and my local utility company?

      Direct Energy is a retail supplier of electricity and natural gas (depending on your location), and your local distributor is a regulated entity that delivers electricity or natural gas to your home. Direct Energy is able to purchase the electricity or natural gas on the competitive market and sell it to customers. Your local distributor continues to deliver that electricity or natural gas to your...

  • What to Know As a Customer

    • Will I save money by signing up with Direct Energy?

      Future savings depend on the direction of commodity prices, which can be very volatile; however, you are not guaranteed savings.

      Historically, Direct Energy's rates have been very competitive. Our fixed-rate products offer stability and protection from fluctuating energy costs. You receive highly competitive pricing, plus the ability to budget your energy costs because your fixed rate is locked in for the term of your contract. The market may rise and fall, but your fixed rate will be secure for the length of your contract...

  • Glossary

    • What is electricity and natural gas deregulation?

      Historically, your natural gas and electricity were supplied and delivered to you exclusively by the local utility company for your area, also known as the Local Distribution Company (LDC). The energy industry across the country started moving towards deregulation in the mid-1980's, giving you the power to choose an energy service provider.

      Until this time, you had no ability to choose a supplier or a pricing plan that fit your needs. Deregulation un-bundled the supply and delivery portions, allowing competition. Today you can buy natural gas and electricity at a competitive price from the supplier of your choice. Your utility company will continue to deliver your energy; maintain pipes, lines, and wires; read your meter; and respond to any emergencies.

      The power of choice, made possible by energy deregulation, fosters competition and gives you more control than...

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