What will I find on the Direct Your Energy dashboard?

Through a variety of tools, Direct Your Energy will share how much energy you have used within your current and past billing periods, and what that usage cost you. The tools include:

  • Dynamic Usage Calendar depicting a heat map of color-coded high/low usage days, allowing you to recognize patterns in usage and examine daily intake.
  • A monetary translation of your highest usage day, lowest day, and average cost per day.
  • Usage Alerts noting considerable differences in your usage pattern.
  • Predictive Weather Overlay that forecasts not just the potential temperature and weather conditions, but also the potential cost of your usage based on these factors.
  • Dynamic Usage Graphs that measure monthly usage against the monthly average temperature in your zip code.
  • Email opt-in to receive usage alerts and weather alert emails that help you to better manage your energy usage and Direct Energy bill.

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