What will I find on the Direct Your Energy dashboard?

Through a variety of tools, Direct Your Energy will share how much energy you have used within your current and past billing periods, and what that usage cost you.

The tools include:

  • A dynamic graphical overview of your past twelve bills where you can compare your actual usage to your predicted usage, your budget and your usage last year during the same billing period. Your usage graph can help you make adjustments before your next bill arrives.
  • Severe weather alerts in your area to find out what you need to know at the time it matters the most so that you can better manage your usage.
  • A budget tool that will help you stay on track for your next bill.
  • A color-coded bill forecast that indicates whether your next bill will be higher or lower than your last.
  • An itemized bill that displays your electricity costs broken out by appliance so that you can understand the main factors that drive your home's electricity usage.
  • A comparison of your home's energy usage to homes of similar size, amenities, usage patterns, and other attributes to see where you stand.
  • A home profile to capture your home and appliance information to feed the algorithms forecasting your bill, itemizing your usage, and personalizing your recommendations.

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