Sign Up with Direct Energy FAQS for Michigan

Sign Up with Direct Energy FAQs

  • What is the cost to switch to Direct Energy?

    Direct Energy does not charge an enrollment fee. However, your current energy supplier may assess a cancellation fee if you're switching providers within your contract term. Your current supplier can confirm what those costs (if...

  • How can I become an authorized account user on a Direct Energy account?

    To become an authorized account user on a Direct Energy account, the current account holder must make this request by contacting our Customer Care center at 1-855-461-1926 and providing your name to be added to the account.

  • Are there any fees required to sign up with Direct Energy?

    There are no enrollment fees to choose us as your electricity and/or natural gas company.

  • When will my service with Direct Energy begin?

    Your service will begin when your local utility company conducts your next meter read date after your switch to Direct Energy has been processed by the utility company. This change will be reflected on your bill within 1 to 2...

  • How do I sign up with Direct Energy?

    Enrolling for service with Direct Energy is simple, and you can do it over the phone or via the web, depending upon your location in our service area. There will be no service interruptions, no hassles, and in most areas of North...

  • What happens to my service after I switch to Direct Energy?

    If you do choose to switch your service away from your local utility company to Direct Energy, your local utility company will continue to deliver your electricity and/or natural gas to your home, read your meter, send you bills,...

  • What if I am tax exempt?

    You should fax your completed tax exemption certificate to our Customer Care Center at 1-800-457-9686 or mail us a copy of the certificate to the following address in order to process your exemption: Direct Energy PMB #51,...

  • Why does the utility company allow me to switch to Direct Energy?

    After deregulation, state commissions no longer allowed utilities to profit from supplying natural gas and electricity to you. Utilities can, though, make a profit on the distribution portion of your commodities. Your decision...

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