What phrases does Alexa recognize?



  • What's my balance?
  • How much I owe?
  • Bill due date
  • What do I still owe?

Quick Pay

  • Pay my energy bill
  • Make a payment
  • I want to pay my bill
  • Pay my bill


  • {date} bill
  • How much was my last bill?
  • How much was my bill for {date}
  • My last bill



  • Help

About the company

  • I want to learn more about Direct Energy
  • Give me information about Direct Energy
  • Info about the company
  • Company details
  • Tell me about the company

Refer A Friend (RAF)

  • What's my Refer A Friend code?
  • Which is my Refer A Friend code?
  • My Refer A Friend code
  • Send me my Refer A Friend code



  • My weekly usage
  • What's my weekly usage?
  • Tell me my weekly usage


  • Give me my monthly usage for {month}
  • My monthly usage
  • Tell me my monthly usage for {month}
  • What is my monthly usage?


  • My yearly usage
  • Tell me my yearly usage
  • What's my yearly usage?


  • Tell me my usage for {date}
  • What does my usage look like on {date}
  • {date} usage
  • What's my usage for {date}
  • My energy usage for {date}
  • My stats for {date}


  • Which of my appliances is using the most energy?
  • Which appliance I used the most in {date}?
  • My most used appliance in {date}
  • Which appliance I used the most?
  • My most used appliance

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