How do I turn my Hive View on/off?

The camera can be physically powered on and off using the power button on the bottom of the camera. When powered off, the camera will appear as offline in the Hive app and will stop functioning. The Hive View will need to be turned back on before it can be accessed remotely again.

  • To power the camera off, press the power button once
  • To power the camera on, press the power button for 1-2 seconds or reattach the camera cube to the stand when the stand has power

You can also remotely choose when to check in and when to get some privacy by remotely switching camera monitoring on or off. When monitoring is on, livestreaming will be available and event detection will be active. When monitoring is off, these will both be unavailable.

To learn more about your Hive View, visit Hive FAQs:

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