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Direct Your Plan FAQs

  • How can I sign up for Direct Your Plan?

    It?s rather straight-forward. When you visit Direct Your Plan, you?ll see a screen with all the available plan options presented. You get to create the plan you want from those options, including:

    • Contract Term Length
    • Energy Efficiency Features
    • Smart Products
    • Billing Options
    • Rewards
    • And more!

    Simply click the radio button beside the option you like most. And on certain screens, you can even choose more than one service!

    The power is in your hands ? which is how Texans like...

  • What are the benefits of Direct Your Plan?

    There are several reasons you?ll benefit from choosing Direct Your Plan from Direct Energy:

    • You pick exactly the type of plan you want
    • You determine the contract term length you like best
    • You decide what percentage of renewable energy you want to use
    • You receive all the perks you choose
    • You get only the products you select
    • You have access to great Direct Energy Customer Care
    • You control your energy account on your terms through Online Account Manager and Direct Your Energy

    It's ultimate experience in energy choice for the Lone Star...

  • Is a longer term plan cheaper or more expensive?

    The price you pay per kilowatt-hour (kWh) depends upon the options and plan you select. You can play with your base rates by changing your selection to see what happens. You can't break it, so see which combination of plans and products works best for...

  • Will you be offering more Direct Your Plan options in the future?

    Yes! Over time, the options available on Direct Your Plan may change. There may be additional or fewer items from which you can choose, depending upon what we can offer to our...

  • How will I know I?ll get exactly what I choose with Direct Your Plan?

    Good question! No one likes filling out a form online with their preferences, only to receive the wrong product or service. With Direct Your Plan, you have several opportunities to review your selections during the order process, and you'll receive communication via e-mail from Direct Energy after you place your service order to confirm your choices. Also, a Welcome Packet with the details of your plan will be mailed to you within 30 days after you complete your order.

    We want you to get exactly what you want from your electricity service ? that's the whole point of Direct Your...

  • Who is eligible for Direct Your Plan?

    At the moment, only people living in the deregulated parts of Texas are eligible to sign up for service with Direct Energy using Direct Your Plan.

    We'll get to the rest of North America as quickly as...

  • I just signed up with Direct Your Plan with Direct Energy. When will my service begin?

    First of all, thanks for choosing us for your Texas electricity needs.

    In general, a standard switch takes about 3 business days to complete.

    If you switch before your contract with your current company expires, then you'll switch on the day you selected when you signed up for service with us.

    In either case, you don't need to call your current company to inform them about the switch. We'll do that for you to ensure you don?t experience an interruption in your power. And you'll receive your first bill with us within 4-6 weeks after your new service with us...

  • Who do I contact with questions about Direct Your Plan?

    Please contact Direct Energy Customer Service at [[site_p...

  • Will billing and payment be different on Direct Your Plan?

    Nothing will change in terms of billing and payment. Direct Energy will still bill you at the end of each billing cycle for the electricity you use, and you will still pay us.

    The only thing changing is that we're putting all the energy choice in your...

  • Can I change the parts of my custom Direct Your Plan after I place my order?

    Unfortunately, once you place your order and it goes into the system, you can't change the terms your custom Direct Your Plan. However, you can add on additional services that aren't related to your energy. This includes products like rewards, home services, and Support...

  • What if I really want to change the terms of my Direct Your Plan order?

    Well, if you really don't like the details of the Direct Your Plan order you just placed, you can choose to cancel that order and place a new one. There are a couple things to consider:

    • If you choose to cancel the first order and place a new one, you must cancel that order within three (3) business days of placing it. You must call 1-855-461-1926 and speak with a live Customer Service Representative to do so.
    • If you cancel the first order, but do so after three (3) business days have passed, you could be charged an Early Termination Fee. The applicability and amount of this fee depend entirely upon the terms stated in the Electricity Facts Label for your customer Direct Your Plan...

    • Can I further customize my Direct Your Plan order after it is completed?

      Hooray! Thanks for placing your customized Direct Your Plan order with us! Sadly, you can't make any changes to that order now that it's completed and in our system. However, you can add the non-energy products we offer for every plan - stuff like Plenti Rewards, Support Green, DES products, and more. Just be sure to ask the phone rep when you call 1-855-461-1926 for...

    • What is Direct Your Plan?

      Direct Your Plan is an innovative, first-of-its-kind energy program that lets you select exactly what you want and don't want in an energy plan.

      As in, you can build your own plan on your own. How cool is that?

      Choose the plan type and term that's right for you, determine if you want renewable energy, and then select from a range of helpful products, programs, and services designed to help you use less of what we sell. Sign up today at Direct Your...

    • I'm a current Direct Energy customer who just renewed with Direct Your Plan. When will my new plan start?

      Excellent question! And thanks for renewing with us!

      You will start service on the new plan you created with Direct Your Plan on the first full billing cycle after your current plan ends.

      For example, if you renewed with Direct Your Plan on 08/01/2015 and your current plan expires on 08/02/2015, but your current billing cycle ends on 08/20/2015, your new plan will begin on...

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