What are the Details of the Reduce Your Use Rewards Program?

With the Reduce Your Use Rewards program, customers can save 10 percent on a monthly bill following an Peak Event. The Direct Energy Reduce Your Use Rewards program is designed to help limit electricity use during the high demand hours.

This program allows customers the opportunity to reduce energy, save money, and help the environment. Customers who participate in the program help offset the demand for electricity during periods of peak usage. Customers who reduce their usage during a Peak Event will be eligible to receive a 10 percent bill discount. Discount applies to eligible energy supply charges and excludes taxes and TDU charges.

Customers must participate in these energy usage reduction events in order to receive the bill credit. Event details will be sent to customers via e-mail and Online Account Manager messages so that they can be informed that an event has been declared and to advise what can be done to reduce their usage during an event. Customer usage information can be seen in your personal Online Account Manager. Direct Energy determines baselines for load reduction during peak times.

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