What do the LED colors on the back of my Hub mean?

When you plug in your hub and connect the Ethernet cable, the LED in the back will flash some pretty colors that are perfectly normal. It will quickly display red as your hub boots up, blink blue for a moment while it connects to the SmartThings cloud, and finally settle on solid green indicating everything is connected and ready to go. All told this shouldn't take more than a few moments and again, is completely expected when connecting the Hub.

If your hub is inactive (offline) however, then the LED on the back of the Hub can give you some insight into where the breakdown might be.

If you are having difficulties with your hub or devices, first try power cycling the hub. A good old fashioned reboot will often clear up most connectivity issues. Simply unplug the micro USB and disconnect the Ethernet cable for a couple minutes and then plug them back in.

If you still need assistance, contact support@smartthings.com for assistance

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