How much does Power-To-Go cost?

Power-To-Go® is a variable price product with an Energy Charge and a daily Base Charge. The Daily Base Charge is a fixed charge that covers Direct Energy's charges from the Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU), which include base metering charges, a smart meter pass-through charge and the base costs to operate our system that sends daily messages to the customer about their account.

Your price may vary day to day if there are changes to TDU delivery charges, regulatory charges or changes in law that impose new or modified fees. The Energy Charge and Daily Base Charge may change up to once a month at our discretion; however, each change during the month will not increase more than 30% from your previous period's price. Your actual price for electric service and your actual electricity usage will be shown on your daily Account Update. This will be used to calculate your daily usage amount.

When you sign up for Power-To-Go® , you will be required to put $30 on your account to start service. You have the freedom to add any amount you want on future payments.

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