Choose the Blue Grass State's Home Services Experts

Get highly-skilled, reliable service for the electrical and heating and cooling systems of your Kentucky home.

Entrust Your Home to a Direct Energy Home Services Professional

Go with the Home Service Pros

Don't entrust your home's pipes, ducts or wiring to anyone but the best. Our experts provide reliable, professional service throughout Kentucky.

Call Direct Energy's Experts For Your Home Services Needs

Stay Comfortable Year-Round

Don't suffer through heat or cold because of an HVAC breakdown. Call on Direct Energy's climate control experts in Kentucky for the home services you need to keep your system shipshape.

Protect Your Home With a Direct Energy Protection Plan

Protect Your Home

Your home shelters the things that matter most. We have customizable protection plans to meet your needs.

Why Choose Direct Energy

Clear-Cut Home Services

Communication is Key

No homeowner wants to be left in the dark by their electrician. You deserve more than impeccable service – you deserve full, clear communication about all the work being performed in your home. When you choose home services from Direct Energy, you'll work with professionals who will take the time to explain what's going on and answer all of your questions.

Let Us Handle Repairs

Relax While We Do the Work

Leaky pipes, faulty wiring and broken air conditioners are the kinds of problems that just can't wait. You can't always drop everything to fix them yourself, and some jobs are just too big or complex for many homeowners. Don't stress -- just call your Kentucky Direct Energy home services provider and let us do the work. Our plumbers, electricians and HVAC specialists are available around the clock. We'll take the hassle out of keeping your home running.

24/7 HVAC Services

Take Control of Your Climate

Sooner or later, every homeowner's heating and cooling system is due for maintenance. But it doesn't have to be a hassle -- with preventative service, it can be an opportunity. Smart, scheduled maintenance can result in energy savings, improved air quality and more effective climate control capabilities. Call Direct Energy Home Services to maximize your comfort and get the most out of each climate-control dollar.

Be Prepared and Protected

Stay One Step Ahead of Household Breakdowns

Your home simply can't function when one of its essential systems breaks down. And when that happens, the last thing you need to worry about is the expense. You can solve both problems with a home protection plan from Direct Energy. Our proactive approach to home maintenance helps detect small problems before they grow, and our flexible coverage keeps repair costs under control. Compare plans now to find one just right for your home and budget.

  • Let Direct Energy's skilled technicians take care of your home

    Get Service When It Counts

    When your home's essential systems go haywire, help can't wait until tomorrow. The technicians who provide Direct Energy's home services are available 24/7, so you'll never be without support.

  • Find superior air conditioning and heating repair from our trained technicians at Direct Energy

    Discover Superior HVAC Services

    Direct Energy takes the uncertainty out of climate control maintenance with upfront pricing and clear, complete communication about the work your system needs.

  • Ensure you home's essential systems are safe when things break down with Direct Energy's home protection plans

    Home Safe Home

    Safeguard your home's essential systems with a Direct Energy protection plan. Our flexible coverage lets you stay one step ahead of household breakdowns.

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