Ensure a Fun-Filled Family Vacation with Seven Key Safety Tips

Ensure a Fun-Filled Family Vacation with Seven Key Safety Tips

When preparing for vacation, you spend plenty of time planning your itinerary, wardrobe, and lodging. But a fun getaway can quickly turn into a stressful week without the necessary safety precautions in place, too. From burglaries to medical emergencies, you should address numerous concerns before taking off for a long trip. Keep your home and family safe by following these seven vacation tips.

1) Share Vacation Plans with Trusted Neighbors

We recommend that you share your travel plans with people you trust. When neighbors know about your vacation plans, they can keep an eye out for unusual activity and alert authorities if needed. When it comes to sharing on social media, though, you should wait to post updates about your travel activities until AFTER you return home. Checking in to new cities and sharing status updates throughout the trip can make a your house more vulnerable to strangers.

2) Invest in Timers for Your Lights

A house that's dark every day looks abandoned, but so does a home that's lit up throughout the night. To make your home look lived in, you should invest in timers that turn on your lights during certain hours of the day. Turning on lights for a few hours at a time, rather than all day, also lowers utility costs.

3) Put Mail on Hold

Nothing tips off burglars quite like a mailbox stuffed with unopened letters and newspapers piled on the front step. Before leaving for vacation, call your local post office and newspaper company to pause delivery until you get back home.

4) Pack a First-Aid Kit

In addition to everyone's medications, pack a first-aid kit to keep your family safe on the trip. Along with standard items like Band-Aids, gauze and antibiotic ointment, the first-aid kit should have essential sun-safety items like sunscreen and aloe vera.

5) Store Credit Cards and Cash in Separate Locations

There's nothing worse than being in a strange city with no money. This is especially important if your credit cards or identity are stolen, so it's important to have back-up funds. Rather than storing credits cards and cash all in one place, you should spread these items out among different purses, wallets, and backpacks.

6) Keep the Family Together

While it's not a foolproof plan, a buddy system can reduce the risk of your family members getting lost. Any time you break off into smaller groups, it's also a good idea to set a specific time and place to meet up again.

7) Drink Plenty of Fluids

Traveling often involves a lot of walking and time outdoors. It's important that everyone drinks extra water to stay hydrated throughout all of the activities. The easiest way to drink more water on vacations is to attach a water bottle to backpacks and keep it filled at all times.

Vacations offer a chance to relax, rejuvenate, and explore. You can enjoy a fun and safe experience by planning ahead and keeping concerns like burglars and health in mind.

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