Take a look at our great natural gas rates and plans for your Massachusetts home!

Enjoy price stability with fixed natural gas rates in Massachusetts.

Natural Gas

Live Brighter 12

Enjoy a fixed rate for one year and stop worrying about prices changing with the seasons.

  • Lock in a competitive fixed natural gas rate for the life of your plan and gain protection against possible price spikes.



Connect to Control 24

Connect to your home from wherever you are, plus get 24 months of natural gas.

  • You'll receive the Hive Starter Plan when you select this plan.
  • Enjoy fixed rate Massachusetts natural gas and stop worrying about price spikes.



Give Brighter 12

We’ll send a solar-powered light to someone in need at no additional cost.

  • You'll get a Luci light delivered to your home, and we'll also provide one to a family without access to electricity.
  • Enjoy 12 months of fixed-rate electricity and stop worrying about price fluctuations.


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Switch to Direct Energy and See the Difference:

  • Lock in a fixed natural gas rate in Massachusetts for the entire length of your contract with our Live Brighter Plans.
  • We offer a variety of natural gas plans, helping you choose the plan that makes sense for your life and Massachusetts home.
  • You'll never experience service interruption during your switch to Direct Energy from your Massachusetts utility company or other provider.
  • Making the switch to Direct Energy is easy, convenient, and secure - by phone or online.
  • Take advantage of your energy choice to find the right natural gas plan for you and your Massachusetts home.
  • Enjoy consistent billing by continuing to get billed through your Massachusetts utility company.
  • Our fixed Massachusetts natural gas rates help you avoid market volatility and price fluctuation.

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