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The Nest App: Control Your Nest Learning Thermostat™ Wherever You Are

Congratulations! You've installed the Nest Learning Thermostat™ in your home. The next step on your path to maximum energy efficiency in your home? Download the Nest App so you can manage your Nest Thermostat from wherever you are. This app is synced to the Nest Thermostat in your home so that you can check your usage, control the settings, and generally help the device learn more about you.

Here's what you will enjoy when you start using the Nest App to manage your electricity usage:

  • Adjust the settings of your Nest Thermostat to increase your energy efficiency
  • See usage data from your Nest products
  • Read notifications from Nest with usage suggestions
  • Control all your Nest devices across 2 different locations

How the Nest App Works for You

It's really this simple: the Nest App connects you with your Nest Thermostat so that you can take care of your home electricity usage when you're not at home. By using this app on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can adjust the temperature of your Nest Thermostat, see how much electricity you've used, change any settings, and more.

With Nest Messages, The Nest App even sends you periodic bulletins that encourage you to enact other energy-saving measures, including shifting your temperature, replacing your filters, or changing the battery in the thermostat.

How the Nest App Helps the Nest Thermostat Learn About You

Together, the Nest App and Nest Thermostat are always thinking so they can automatically program temperature settings that help you use less electricity. Better yet, the Nest App helps your Nest Thermostat learn what it needs to know about you and your home's usage so the entire relationship proves beneficial.

When you download the Nest App and make use of its great features, it works in tandem with the Thermostat to your benefit. The app takes the information you provide, sends it to the thermostat, and works to provide you the settings that best match your lifestyle and help be more energy efficient. Every time you adjust your home temperature from the Nest App, your Nest Thermostat treats it just like you made that shift at home on your thermostat.

Where to Download the Nest App

Nest provides you different ways to download the Nest App to your preferred smartphone or tablet:

You can even access your Nest account information using your laptop or personal computer at home by clicking the Control Your Nest link on the home page.

To open your Nest account so that you can take advantage of all the benefits provided by the Nest App, visit the Nest Account page or read this helpful article from Nest.

While you do not need a Wi-Fi connection to use the Nest Thermostat, you will need to have an active Wi-Fi connection in your home if you want to take full advantage of the Nest App and many of the other features available from Nest.

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