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Corporate Matters
Jessica Mahaffey
Vice President, Corporate Affairs
1-713-877-4052 – Office
1-512-797-7785 – Mobile

Direct Energy — Texas
Home Services (U.S.)

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing®, One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning®, and Mister Sparky®
Jessica Michan
Manager, External Relations
1-713-904-7488 – Office
1-713-805-7306 – Mobile

Direct Energy — Canada
Wendy Tynan
Manager, External Relations
1-403-776-2206 – Office
1-403-861-6645 – Mobile

Direct Energy — Northeast U.S. (NY, NJ, MA, CT, ME, NH, RI)
Direct Energy Solar Bethany Ruhe
Director, External Relations
1-412-841-3818 - Mobile

Direct Energy — Mid-Atlantic U.S. (PA, MD, VA, DE, NC, SC, GA, DC)
Alle Houstoun
Manager, External Relations
1-713-904-7014 – Office
1-281-627-7824 – Mobile

Direct Energy — Midwest U.S. & West Coast U.S. (OH, IL, MI, IN, KY, WI, AZ, CA, NV)
Melissa Hand
Specialist, External Relations
1-713-877-5744 – Office
1-832-544-0178 – Mobile

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