Commercial Heating and Cooling Equipment Repair


Commercial grade, energy efficient equipment designed to increase your business' productivity and profitability.

Maintaining malfunctioning and inefficient water heating, heating and cooling systems can cost your business time and money. No matter what type of commercial enterprise you run, running energy efficient and reliable equipment can help give you the competitive edge, whatever industry you belong to. Direct Energy is here to help you with a complete range of heating, cooling and water heating solutions you can count on, installed and supported by our team of 700+ expert technicians.

Direct Energy stocks only the best ENERGY STAR® approved heating, cooling, and water heating products. We pride ourselves on the wide selection of top brands and latest models, designed for any space or load requirements. From furnaces and boilers to air conditioning and ventilation systems, we've got your climate control needs covered - winter, spring, summer, and fall. We also offer equipment designed to open up new realms of efficiency and comfort, including space-saving rooftop systems and infrared heating units that deliver pinpoint warmth in new environmentally friendly ways.

Contact Direct Energy today at 1-855-321-1508 to learn more about our attractive rental, purchase, and leasing options. Let our best in class customer service, exacting installation procedures, priority technical assistance, and dedicated support team help improve your business' bottom line.

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Replacement Products

Rent, Buy or Lease

Replace your equipment at a pace that suits your business's needs. Explore our attractive purchase, leasing, and rental options.

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Heat, Boiler, and Furnaces

Choose from the latest energy efficient heating systems designed to keep energy consumption down and comfort high.

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Rooftop Units

Enjoy maximum efficiency and flexibility with custom rooftop systems for heavy duty, commercial applications.

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Air Makeup Units

Eliminate energy loss and poor air quality caused by negative air pressure with our selection of efficient, reliable air make-up units.

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Energy Management

Maximize your buildings heating, cooling, and HVAC systems through Direct Energy's energy audits and analysis services.

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Water Heating

Direct Energy is here to help you select the right water heating and storage solutions based on your business's specific requirements. Choose from the top commercial grade brands and models of water heating equipment and benefit from personalized energy efficiency advice, 24/7 customer service, and best in class support.

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Infrared and Unit Heaters

Lower your energy consumption dramatically while providing customers and employees a new level of comfort with infrared heating units. Ideal for heating small or awkwardly shaped spaces, these revolutionary systems increase efficiency by radiating warmth directly onto a room's occupants, rather than by heating the air around them.

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Air Conditioning

Create the crisp, comfortable conditions required for successful commerce with super-efficient air conditioners designed for commercial applications. Benefit from best in class installation procedures and scheduled maintenance support designed to keep your cooling and ventilation system providing reliable and cost-effective air-conditioning for years to come.

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See How Our Other Services Can Help You

Our Repair Services

Need your heating, cooling, or HVAC equipment repaired? Take advantage of our team of 700+ highly trained, licensed technicians. We'll keep your systems running smoothly.

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Heating and Cooling Assurance

Avoid unexpected costs by protecting your heating and cooling equipment with Direct Energy. Our plans cover all maintenance and repairs with 100% parts and labour.

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