Maximize energy efficiency with commercial air conditioning systems and support.

Your store, commercial rental property, manufacturing facility or restaurant depends upon proper air conditioning equipment in order to thrive during the summer months. Unfortunately, with outdated and inefficient equipment, summertime climate control can have a significant impact on the bottom line. At Direct Energy, we specialize in achieving the perfect balance between consummate reliability and ultra-efficient performance. We provide heavy duty, high capacity commercial cooling equipment to eliminate unnecessary energy and repair expenditures.

Direct Energy begins by assessing specific cooling requirements based on your commercial space, working with you to assess your needs to ensure the correct air conditioning unit is selected. This eliminates over loading, shortening the life span of the cooling system, as well as optimal climate control. We then provide expert installation and back it all up with 24/7 customer service, scheduled maintenance, and priority service from our team of 700 licensed technicians.

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