Explore a range of purchasing options for commercial heating, cooling, & water heating equipment.

Direct Energy provides a variety of purchasing options for all your commercial heating, cooling, and water heating equipment needs. We recognize that no two businesses are alike and provide flexible options to suit just about any budgetary and institutional requirements. Our rental, sale, and leasing plans apply to all of our commercial furnaces, air conditioning units, heat pumps, water boilers, and other HVAC solutions.

We offer extremely competitive pricing options for businesses that prefer to purchase their equipment outright. Included in that purchase is a consultation with an energy efficiency expert who can work with you to optimize your commercial grade heating, cooling or water heating system for the long haul. Rental options include 100% coverage on all parts and labour, as well as regular maintenance, and even complete replacement of defective equipment at any point. Our leasing terms and rates are flexible to accommodate the needs of companies striving to minimize the impact of lump sum capital expenditure for new equipment.

Call 1-855-321-1508 to learn more about Direct Energy commercial equipment purchasing options today. Our specialized team can also assist you in booking an onsite visit to assess your heating, cooling, and water heating needs and efficiency optimization requirements.

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