Generate instant comfort and eliminate excess energy consumption with a state-of-the art infrared heater.

For more than 20 years, Direct Energy has worked to bring cutting-edge heating solutions to our clients. And when it comes to dealing with winter weather, every kilowatt of extra efficiency can go a long way toward streamlining your budget. If you are looking to lower your energy consumption bills dramatically, and create instant comfort for your clients, tenants, staff or patrons in the bargain, an infrared heating system might be exactly what your business needs. While a traditional furnace must first heat the air in a room before it can warm its occupants, an infrared system cuts out that middle stage to radiate heat directly onto the people who need it.

At Direct Energy, we support your optimization plan every step of the way. Our service begins with expert installation that gets everything right the first time, and continues with 24/7 customer support and priority response assistance by the best technicians in the business, in the rare event of a mishap. We guarantee your business's productivity and efficiency will benefit from your association with Direct Energy.

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