Optimize your manufacturing facility's energy consumption to produce top results with low overhead.

Whether you manufacture clothing, shoes, furniture, consumer electronics, or appliances, your company relies on cost-effective and dependable energy management systems. At Direct Energy, we know how to keep critical heating, cooling, and hot water systems running at peak efficiency and performance levels. We can eliminate crippling work stoppages and unnecessarily high natural gas or electrical consumption at the same time, leaving your company in a position to maximize profits and productivity.

Get a competitive edge on other manufacturers by renting, buying, or leasing ENERGY STAR® approved water heating and HVAC equipment from Direct Energy. Rest assured that when you install one of our water heaters, furnaces, infrared heaters, or rooftop air conditioning systems, you are getting best in class customer service and technical support in the bargain. Our highly-trained and ultra-responsive team is at your disposal 7 days a week.

Call 1-855-321-1508 to book your free energy management consultation with one of our heating, cooling, and HVAC specialists today. At Direct Energy, we go beyond basic equipment and maintenance services to provide comprehensive climate control and water heating solutions.

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