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What services can Direct Energy Commercial help me with?

Direct Energy Commercial is a full service heating, cooling, and water heater company. We offer a rental option on all of the products we sell. We also service, install, and maintain boilers, water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, rooftop heating/cooling units, make-up air units, and many more HVAC products.

Will I have the option to buy my rental water heater or rental HVAC equipment before the end of my term?

Customers are welcome to purchase the equipment at any point during their term. We calculate the price of equipment based on how many months are remaining in your term.

Is it beneficial for me to have preventative maintenance done on my heating/cooling system?

Yes. By regularly maintaining your system, energy use is lower even when your equipment is operating at its peak efficiency, cutting down costs in the long run. Additional benefits include less downtime and extended equipment.

Does the rental rate include the cost of installation?

Yes, delivery and full installation are included for all rental equipment, as is 100% parts and labour for as long as you have the equipment.

How is billing done for rental equipment?

Direct Energy will send a bill, or if you are residing within the Enbridge territory, it will appear on your Enbridge gas bill.

How long are your rental agreements?

Rental rates are based on a minimum ten year rental term.

Can I opt for a reduced rental term if I'm not sure I will be leasing the same building for 10 years?

Our rental term is a set term, but you always have the option to buy the equipment. You are also able to transfer the rental contract to a new occupant. Additionally, there are financing options with a variety of terms that can be altered to meet your tenant building lease.

What are your business hours?

Our support centre is available 24 hours per day. You can reach our customer support representatives at any time to answer questions or schedule an appointment. In the case of emergency, our technicians are ready to respond at any hour.

Is your brand selection limited?

We offer a wide variety of brands. We select them based on reliability, warranty terms, and the manufacturer's reputation in supporting end users; however, our trained technicians service all brands, even those we do not carry.

Why should I rent equipment from Direct Energy?

We are able to offer preventative maintenance and repairs without authorization from the building owner or management. When you rent, there is no upfront cost for equipment or installation making it an affordable option and allowing you to easily budget monthly cost. You may even qualify for a tax advantage for renting instead of owning. All labour, parts, and diagnostics are covered for the full rental term duration, there won't be any hidden costs, fees, or surprises.

Why should I buy from Direct Energy opposed to a retail store?

Many retail stores now carry water heaters but do not always have licensed technicians to install the equipment properly. Direct Energy technicians have the training and expertise to ensure your new equipment is installed to the gas code and sized appropriately for your needs. You can put your business at risk by making an uneducated guess with water heating equipment.

Why should I schedule maintenance on my HVAC equipment if nothing is wrong?

Over time, HVAC equipment may become inefficient due to plugged filters, rust, corrosion, and sediment build-up leading to higher utility costs. By routinely maintaining equipment, you can increase the lifespan of equipment, and avoid costly repair fees and lengthy service disruptions.

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