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Energy Audit Process

Determine how energy efficient your home is.

Energy Audit Process

Step 1

Call 1-866-479-8518 to speak with one of our eco-specialists.

Step 2

First Audit – An ecoENERGY audit takes approximately 2 hours to complete. The advisor will need access to the entire house including attic, crawl space, heating and cooling equipment or any other hard to reach areas. The first energy audit is $350.00.

Step 3

ecoENERGY Report – will be mailed to your home within approximately 2 weeks containing recommendations on how to improve the energy efficiency of your home. This is a comprehensive report including the detailed information on many of the upgrades.

Step 4

Energy Efficiency Upgrades – After reviewing your ecoENERGY report you may choose to complete all, some or none of the recommendations. You can do the upgrade work yourself or hire a contractor. If you live in an area where a program exists that may provide incentives for work that is completed you should document your renovations with receipts, photos and product literature to ensure you get full credit for all of your eligible improvements.

Step 5

Second Audit – Please call 1-866-479-8518 to schedule your second audit if you are part of a program that requires one and/or you would like to have a report that shows how your renovations have improved your home. The cost of a second ecoENERGY audit is $150.00.

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