Geothermal Heating and Cooling


Geothermal is environmentally-friendly

Geothermal has tremendous potential to significantly reduce the impact of global warming.

Installing a geothermal system in an average-sized home is equal to removing two cars off the road or planting an acre of trees.

Supplies of traditional energy sources, like oil, are diminishing even though still much in demand. This means prices rise as well, not to mention the toll it takes on the environment. By changing our heating and cooling systems to cleaner, renewable systems like geothermal, we can have a real impact on the environment, including global warming. Geothermal uses the natural energy of the sun, stored in the ground, to heat and cool your home. This energy is limitless, easy to access, always available and non-polluting.

1Source: Quest Geothermal


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Geothermal systems represent a significant investment that will pay back in reduced energy costs over its lifetime. Would you contemplate spending $20,000 – $30,000 for a heating, cooling and integrated water heating solution?

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