Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Delivering Heating and Cooling1

In winter

The earth acts as a boiler. The heat pump extracts heat from the ground loop, sending cooled water to be warmed by the earth into your home.

In summer

The process is reversed. The hot air in the house is essentially absorbed by the geothermal unit which now circulates much cooler pipe fluid. The heat is transferred first to the pipes then to the ground outside before returning, cooled, to the house.

Uses existing distribution

The geothermal unit is connected to your home's existing heating/cooling distribution system, whether it's gravity or forced air, water-based (typically with radiators) or water-to-water in-floor radiant.

Easy maintenance

Monthly cleaning of the electrostatic filter once a month is all that's needed to keep the system operating smoothly.

1Source: Quest Geothermal


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