Appliance and Electrical Protection Plan Details

Appliance and Electrical protection plan details

Total Home Bundle with Appliance and Electrical Protection -

Appliance protection plan details

Coverage Includes

The Appliance Protection Plan covers your clothes dryer, clothes washer, dishwasher, kitchen refrigerator, range/oven/cooktop, and all integrated units (each an "Appliance" and collectively, the "Appliances") as outlined below. For purposes of the Appliance Protection Plan, "Component(s)" means the mechanical or electrical part(s) covered.


  • All Components and parts that affect the operation of the Appliance, subject to the exclusions listed in the full terms and conditions.


  • Clothes Dryer - Clogged duct or venting, roller or leveling feet, glass displays, light bulbs, grates, caps, fabric softener/bleach dispenser, venting, lint screens, and damage to clothing.
  • Clothes Washer - Clogged drains or lines, external hoses, roller and leveling feet, glass displays, light bulbs, grates, caps, rinse aids, fabric softener dispenser, plastic minitubs, soap dispensers, filter screens, and damage to clothing.
  • Dishwasher - Clogged drains or lines, roller or leveling feet, glass displays, light bulbs, grates, caps, rinse aids, racks and baskets.
  • Kitchen Refrigerator - Clogged drains or lines, condensation pans, liner cracks not deemed as manufacturer's defects by one of our Authorized Repair Technicians, roller and leveling feet, glass displays, light bulbs, grates, caps, racks, shelves, interior thermal shells, stand-alone freezers, ice cube makers and beverage dispensers which are not factory installed and/or an integral part of the Appliance.
  • Range/Oven/Cook top (Gas or Electric) - Clocks and LED displays, (unless they affect the function of the oven), microwave ovens (unless it is an integral part of the oven), meat probe assemblies, rotisseries, racks, light bulbs, shelves, roller or leveling feet, grates, burner bowls, glass displays, glass or ceramic tops (unless deemed to be a thermal crack by our Authorized Repair Technician) and trays; sensi-heat burners will only be replaced with standard burners.

Electrical protection plan details

Coverage Includes

Your Plan provides coverage of interior wiring, electrical panels, switches, outlets, receptacles, subject to the exclusions below and the General Exclusions. In order to be eligible for coverage under the Plan, your electrical system must be in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Code. Under the Plan, Direct Energy's total parts and labour responsibility (including access to wiring through unobstructed walls, ceilings or floors only, diagnosis, repair and returning the access opening to rough finish condition) is limited to a maximum of CDN $500 retail value (including HST) during each year of Plan coverage. You are responsible for any parts and labour charges over and above this amount.


Fixtures, ceiling fans, doorbells, alarms, remote controls, intercoms, knobs, buttons, caps, hinges, handles, central vacuum systems, aluminum wiring, knob and tube wiring, inadequate wiring capacity, circuit overloading, power failure, power surge, direct current (D.C.) wiring or components, electrical appliances and garage door openers.

We are responsible for installing standard products. Decorative or specialty switches, outlets, and receptacles are not covered by the Plan and will be replaced with standard white or beige switches, outlets and receptacles. We are not responsible for upgrades or for the cost of construction, carpentry, or other modifications made necessary by existing equipment or installing different equipment.

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