Important Information about Natural Gas Price, Transportation and Storage Charges

The natural gas price for all of our plans is the price for the natural gas itself and does not include any of the other charges that your local utility will continue to bill you for, such as distribution, transportation, storage, taxes and other fees charged by the utility.

In certain utility territories, Direct Energy may arrange to pay for the transportation of your natural gas to your utility. In that case, we will charge you a transportation fee and/or a storage fee. That fee or fees will appear on your utility bill and will replace the fees that your utility would have charged you for that transportation and/or storage. Our current transportation and storage rates for customers who signed up before January 1, 2011 can be found below. If you signed up on or after January 1, 2011 please refer to your terms and conditions or contact our call center at 1-800-348-2999 for any additional inquiries.

Transportation Rate

Storage Rate

Enbridge Gas Union Gas Union Gas
0.07098 ¢/m3 0.09058 ¢/m3 0.0199 ¢/m3