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Smart Home

At Direct Energy, we embrace smart technology to help our customers improve their lives and save money on their electric bills. Smart technology has been rapidly advancing with the growth of the internet, gaining more traction in our homes. These devices can make home management more convenient and allow us to tailor it to our every need.

Direct Energy, The Smart Home, and You
What Are Smart Devices

What are Smart Devices?

Smart devices are everyday objects that connect via the internet, allowing them to send and receive information. Manufacturers are embedding internet connectivity in everything from equipment like your car and your phone to normal household items like your vacuum or even your toothbrush! The data these items send and receive helps us give commands, track progress, automate daily routines and much more.

How Smart Devices Help

How are Smart Devices Reshaping Electricity?

Electricity is a basic essential that most of us take for granted - until we receive our bills. Good news: many smart home devices combine the convenience of technology with electricity savings, making your life easier while also helping you save money on your electricity bills without lifting a finger.

How Can Smart Home Products Help Me Save Money on My Electricity Bills?

Customers don't have to look far to find smart bulbs, electronics, plugs, thermostats and more to help them customize their electric devices to suit their lifestyle while saving them money on electricity. Apps, voice control and automated tasks help us use our electronics in a more energy-efficient way with little effort. Customize your devices to use only the electricity you need without leaving your couch. Have a habit of forgetting to turn everything off? Set up automated routines for your devices to adjust themselves.

How Does Direct Energy Work with My Smart Home?

We offer more than reliable service and competitive rates; we have electricity plans that bundle energy with smart technology to give you the tools you need to customize your home experience while spending less on your electricity bills.

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon's Echo Dot allows you to control your electronic devices with just your voice, so you don't have to pause your busy day – or your movie night – to turn off your lights or adjust your thermostat. With our Direct Energy skill on Amazon Alexa, you can interact with your Direct Energy account for even more convenience.

Learn how the Echo Dot can help you stay connected, gain greater peace of mind and manage your energy.

Direct Energy and the Amazon Echo Dot

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart technology can help you automate your devices to seamlessly integrate daily tasks into your busy life. From devices that learn your habits to your own personal voice assistant, smart devices can provide convenience and even help you save money on utilities.

Saving electricity depends heavily on your daily habits. Tasks like making sure the lights are off when leaving a room and setting your thermostat back when you leave home can make all the difference on your electric bill. That's where smart devices come in. These products allow you to automate energy-saving habits by learning your needs or listening to your commands, so you can continue with your day and save electricity without a second thought.

We empower our customers with the tools they need to take charge of their energy use. Our Energy + Amazon Echo Dot offers makes it even easier for customers to save electricity and improve their lives by helping them automate everyday tasks.

Use the Amazon Echo Dot to control your smart devices with your voice or set a schedule that meets your needs while saving energy. Use our Direct Energy skill to get your account information and track your usage with your voice.

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