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How Do I Sign Up for Electricity?

In Texas, you can sign up with a new electricity provider in a few easy steps:


Check whether you're under contract

If you're under contract with your current provider, make sure you won't be charged an early termination fee if you switch providers before your contract ends.


Find a plan that fits your lifestyle

Once you decide which electricity plan is right for you, just shop for your perfect plan and sign up with your new provider!


Sit back and relax

After you sign up, your new provider will contact your current provider to complete the process. There's usually no further action needed on your part and you won't experience any interruption in service while the switch is being made.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Sign Up For Electricity?
Your electricity can typically be turned on in as little as a few business days. The timeline can vary based on a few factors, such as whether you're moving or just switching providers and the time your local utility takes to connect you.
Yes! Depending on whether you're moving or staying in your current home, you'll see different options on choosing your start date. Read on to learn about different types of enrollments and your start date options for each.
Depending on your local utility, you may incur a fee when you start new service. The most common fee you could incur is for priority move-ins if your new home doesn't have a smart meter. In this situation, your utility has to send a technician out to your home to manually connect your meter on short notice.

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  • 36 months rate lock has been HUGE savings. Service has been reliable with no problems during first year.

    Haybert L.

  • Love the service and the lower electricity bill!

    Anna H.

Why Choose Direct Energy

Refer a Friend

Save on your energy bill and help your friends do the same. When you refer your friends to Direct Energy, you'll both get a $50 bill credit when they sign up with us.

Track Your Usage

Get the ultimate power over your electricity with Direct Your Energy. Our usage insights tool tracks your usage by day and even by appliance so you can see exactly where you can save.

Electricity Plans

We have a variety of electricity plans to meet the needs of your home and family. The major plan types you will see are fixed-rate and variable-rate plans.

Fixed-Rate Plan

With a fixed-rate plan, you'll lock in an energy rate per kWh for a term length of your choosing. Fixed-rate plans protect you from market price fluctuations, but you will typically need to sign a contract and your rate may be higher than the market rate during seasons with low energy demand. However, you can also save money during peak seasons when demand is high, since your rate won't rise with the increase in market price.

Variable-Rate Plan

With a variable-rate plan, you'll pay the current market rate and don't usually have to sign a contract. Variable-rate plans allow you to take advantage of low seasonal market rates and switch plans or providers whenever it suits you, but you may experience high rates during seasons with high electricity demand.

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Get opportunities to earn even more rewards with our Refer-A-Friend program! When you refer your friends to Direct Energy using your unique customer referral code, you'll both get rewarded. For each friend you refer, you'll get a $50 bill credit, and so will they! That's $50 more a month for you to spend on other things you love. It's a win for everyone.

Refer Your Friends to Direct Energy
Manage your energy usage with Direct Your Energy

Manage Your Usage and Save

Our Direct Your Energy usage insights tool shows you how much energy you're using by day, week, month and even appliance so you can track exactly what's using the most energy. Fill out your home profile to get personalized updates and recommendations on how to save energy.

Enrollment Options

You might see one or more of these terms as you go through the process of signing up for an electricity plan:


A move means you are signing up for electricity at a new address. When you are signing up for electricity in a new home, you must choose your start date. You can schedule your start date up to 90 days in advance.

Priority Move

A priority move means you are moving and have requested electricity service to start in your new home in three days or less, not including blackout dates. You can request to have your service turned on the same business day if you sign up before 2 p.m.


A switch means you are switching your electricity provider and signing up for service at your existing residence. You can either switch at the next available date, which is usually between one and seven says, or you can request a start date that is at least eight days after the day you sign up, not including blackout dates.


A transfer occurs when you are moving to a new home and transferring your electricity service with your current provider to your new home. When you transfer your service, you must select when you want your current home's electricity to turn off and when your new home's electricity should turn on.

Blackout Dates

Blackout dates are dates when your utility will not connect electricity. These include Sundays and some holidays. Check with your utility or your new provider for a list of blackout dates.

Texas Cities Served

Abilene, TX
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League City, TX
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Sugar Land, TX
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